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Web Site Design

No trendy hipsters here, only seasoned entrepreurs who understand the daily pressures of running your own business. We deliver dazzling,  budget conscious,  quality and scalable websites that can meet your needs today and tomorrow. Read more…

Copywriting, Blogging and Content Writing

Writing isn’t your thing?  Don’t have time to write?  Just need your stuff proofed and edited? Want to write a blog but don’t know how? Our team of exceptional writing professionals can deliver what you need – no worries! Check it out!


Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting visitors to your site.  Our SEO services will improve your ranking on the major search engines.

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Online Videos

Lights, camera, action! Videos are great ways to attract new customers and build brands. We can film, edit and optimize all of your online videos. Find out how you can be a star!

Marketing Local Business Better Online!

Here at Mb2 Online we believe that you don’t have to be a huge fish to make a BIG splash – online. We think the most important thing is the passion you have for doing what you do – it’s that energy that will create the surge to make a HUGE splash with your website design and online marketing programs.

Life is a never ending path of learning and our experience has shown that it is not necessary for you to have an enormous budget to make an impact online, you just need an informed online marketing plan that works with the unique goals you have for your business.  That’s where we come in.  Mb2 Online will help you to design your plan and then work right along side you to bring it to reality.

We pride ourselves in reducing your stress and increasing the benefits of making your splash via effective online marketing!

The biggest threat to reaping all the benefits of a good online marketing program is lack of available time to commit to it. We get it – being an entrepreneur is an all-consuming endeavour that is fueled by your passion for what you do. You are already busy enough running your own business, how will you find the time and energy to add more tasks to your already overflowing plate?  With Mb2 Online that’s not an issue because we offer a full suite of services: website design, content development, SEO, website maintenance and security back ups, online marketing support and campaigns, so you can take on as much or as little as you want!

If you’re keen to dip your toe in the waters to feel out how you are going to make your BIG splash give us a shout!  We’d love to chat to you about your goals and see how we can make them happen for you. The coffee’s on… give us a call!

No need to get stressed out about your online impact.  Contact Mb2 Online, then,  just relax…

Relax and let Mb2 do the work for you

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