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Should Every Business Have a Website?  YES!

According to Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canadians are among the most engaged Internet users in the world. We spend more hours online (36.7 per month) than anyone else in the world, seeking out an average of 3,238 unique web pages per month.

Canadians have enthusiastically embraced the Internet and have been quick adopters of online shopping. A recent estimate by Forrester Research has predicted that Canadians will spend $39 billion online by 2019 – that’s 9.5 percent of all retail purchases in Canada.

With statistics like these it’s hard to believe that only 41% of Canadian small businesses have a website (Canadian Internet Registration Authority 2014 Factbook). If Canadians are cruising around online and looking to buy, shouldn’t you be getting in on that action?

Having an online presence is just good business – especially for local businesses. As I type this blog here are the number of total current websites and number of daily Google Searches (as cited by Internet Live Stats):


Total number of Websites


Google searches today

So by getting a business website you will already be 59% ahead of Canadian small businesses. Not bad, eh? Because $39 billion is nothing to sneeze at!

Need a few more reasons why you need to get a website? Ok, how about this:

  • Times are changing…people are now using the Internet that way people used the phone book or Yellow Pages in the past. If you don’t have an online presence people won’t be able to find you!
  • A website gives you credibility… the overwhelming assumption is that businesses have websites because it’s the professional thing to do. In a competitive market, having a website is a critical asset in attracting new customers to your business and building trust. This infographic from the CIRA report says it all:

 data shows that having a website build credibility with customers

data shows that having a website build credibility with customers


  • A website is a cost-effective marketing tool… getting found through search engines sends people through your doors. With your website potential customers can access information about your products and services 24 hours a day! With things like online question forms and newsletter sign up forms you can reach out directly to people who have already shown an interest in your business. Creating innovative loyalty programs is also a breeze when you have a website – your only limitation is your imagination! Online ad and social media campaigns allow you to zero in on your target audience at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing methods.
  • Your business can truly reflect you… once you have a website people are able to hear directly from you and get a true reflection – people will know precisely what you do and how you do it! Your website provides a method of expressing your personality, your business philosophy, customer service practices – awareness like that brings people to your door faster!
  • Don’t lose out to your competition… The CIRA report states that actively use the Internet to research their purchases but most are still committed to spending dollars in physical stores. Your website allows you to reach out and attract customers when they are still in their research phase.  If people can find out about your sales, new product promotions and other in-store events they are more likely to shop at your store!   

So, there you have it – a solid business case to get a website. There is nothing to be intimidated about by plunging in to make your big splash online – your website can grow with you as your ideas grow.  We can walk you through some ideas now to get your creative juices flowing – don’t be shy, give us a shout!


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