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Website Updates 'R Us

Hassle-free website updates...

Have a Website?

Need Changes Made?

No worries – we can look after that for you !

Too busy or not quite sure how to make changes on your website? You are not alone… We help lots of people like you to keep their sites up to date – when and how they need it!

And what makes it even better is you only pay for the time required to make those changes.  So say goodbye to monthly site maintenance bills and only pay when you actually need changes on your site! We bill at an hourly rate for this service.

$70/hour (plus taxes)



Web Update Process

 We offer a dynamic online editing system that allows you to easily communicate edits you want, at any hour of the day or night when YOU have the time – so the convenience is AMAZING!!! 

You place virtual pins on your site to indicate the precise location and details of the changes you would like made to your site during the build: pictures, words, spacing, colour changes – anything you want to edit on your site!  We can even build new pages if you expand or change what you do!  

 Our tool allows you to state the changes you want and also attach new pictures, type new content, and even attach full other files that may be needed.

Then our team makes the desired changes and you are notified when they are done. 

Updates have never been easier or faster!

See You Next Time

Success! Your updates are done and your site is refreshed to meet your needs – and you didn’t miss a beat in your day.

We will be waiting and ready when you need future site updates ~ it’s that easy!

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