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Step 1:  Review and Planning

Whether you are near or far we can review your needs and understand what type of website you need through free online conference meetings. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office to get started. We can purchase your domain of choice on your behalf and once built, transfer the new build to your domain. Already have a domain? It’s easy to move your new site over once ready.

Step 2: The Build and Updates

One of the biggest challenges on a website build is the communication between builder and customer. 

Pictures, words, spacing, etc. Everything matters and most people don’t have hours and hours to sit down to meet to point to exactly what and where they want to change.

Mb2 Online has a dynamic online editing system that allows you to easily communicate edits you want (at any hour of the day or night).  You place virtual pins on your site to indicate the precise location and details of the changes you would like made to your site during the build. 

You can attach new pictures, type new content, and even attach full word documents to be added as we go. Everything is updated in real time and changes take seconds to minutes, not hours to days like in the past.

Building a website has never been easier!

Step 3Launch! 

Success! Your new website is up and running. That’s it for website building, nice and easy!

What’s next after that? A new website is a digital brochure and like any brochure the key is to get it in front of customers. That’s where our SEO services come into play. 

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