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What is SEO?

SEO is important because it is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results like Google, Bing and other search engines used to search for information on topics that are important to them.

As a website owner your focus should be on the following elements:

Quantity traffic: Is your site ranking well enough in the organic search results (when people type in search words/phrases into search engines – ie) Google, Bing etc.) to be seen by the type of people you want to find you? Are people clicking to your site? How can you get your website to rank higher with your ideal visitor population?

Quality traffic: Is your site attracting the right kind of visitors?  Are visitors people who are truly looking for the products or services you offer? How can you get more ideal visitors clicking through to your site? Is it possible to keep visitors on your site longer or finding what they want more quickly so they are more likely to buy from your site or visit again because you are a trusted source of quality results?

 Do You Know How Successfully Your Website is Working for You?

SEO is important if you want your site to work its hardest for you.  We offer several different approaches so that you can enter at the level that makes sense to you.  All of our SEO services are expandable, so you can always move along to more advanced services when you are ready.

First you should try to get a feel for where you fall on the SEO service needs level.  Here is a quick quiz to help you hone in on the type and level of SEO help you need: Keep track of your point total to see your final profile score –

When did you last update your website?

  1. Today – 1 point
  2. Over a month ago -3 points
  3. Over a year ago -5 points

 Does your website have a blog?

  1. Yes -1 point
  2. No – 3 points

Do you know who visits your website/ where they live/ what they do on your site?

  1. Yes – 1 point
  2. No – 3 points
  3. I have no idea – 5 points

Once you have totalled your score you can match it to the level of service you might require:

  • If you scored 3 points then you should read about the SEO Strategic Plan Service
  • If you scored between 4 and 8 points you should review the SEO Audit explanation
  • If you scored more than 8 points you should take a look at the SEO Assessment section

SEO Assessment: This is a snapshot of how well your site is presently meeting the basic structural and functional requirements to rank on search engines. We can show you how to improve the basic design and function elements of your site to help boost your rankings in organic search engine results.

SEO AuditThis level of services drills down to examine how well your site is performing on all the critical SEO markers that profoundly affect ranking performance. Once these performance areas are identified then detailed recommendations for revisions and improvements are provided so that you can immediately and effectively address the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your website.

SEO Strategic Plan – This is the approach that really provides you with the S.M.A.R.T. elements that will launch your online presence to a higher level of effectiveness and continue to boost your rankings in the future:

  • Structure – how can the actual structure and navigation of your site boost your search engine rankings?
  • Marketing – how can you use the principles of SEO to transform more site elements to a perpetual marketing event?
  • Action – how can you persuade visitors to what you need them to do when they are on your site?
  • Return – how can you entice visitors to return and become a regular customer?
  • Tell – how can your site become a steady source of promotion by using it to always be spreading the word about you and your offerings to the people who would want to know?

We can work with you to implement these enhancements and help you hone these and future efforts so that your website is always working its hardest for you!

We would be very happy to explain our services in more detail. Please email james@mb2online.com with your questions or comments to learn more about what we could do for you.


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