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Google Review Link

One of the frustrating things with GMB (Google My Business) has been finding out how to share a link so customers and clients can leave you a review. Something that should be easy has been quite difficult if not downright impossible. By following the information below you should be able to add this feature back to your GMB listing.


1 ) Log into your GMB (Google My Business) page

When you log into your GMB page look at the top right on your home page. I have circled the area in the picture below. If it says “Get more reviews” and has a link “Share review form” then great, you already have it and all you need to do is select it to create a link. If something else is there, like shown below don’t worry, in just a few steps we can get it up and running.

2 ) Go To Your Info Page

On the left side panel select “Info”. As shown below and then make sure your address is listed. If not then select the edit pencil icon and add it. For some reason this is a requirement for having the ability to share a review link.

3 ) Stay On The Info Page and Scroll Down To The Short Name Area

Stay on the info page and scroll down to the short name area, which is shown with the @ symbol. See below for the area circled in red. This short name doesn’t have much to do with reviews directly, but like a twitter name is a unique name for GMB that you can tag and mention companies in your GMB posts. Once entered you can go back to the Home Page.

4 ) Go Back To The Main Page

Once the short code is entered you can go back to the Home Page. Now go back to the top right area and as shown in the picture below your “Get More Reviews” should be there. If not then your short name might be under review and once Google approves the short name, your Get More Reviews area should appear. (Go back to the short name area and see if it says under review beside it. If yes this shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to approve.)

5 ) Select “Share Review Form”

Once the “Get More Reviews” area is showing, select the “Share Review Form” button and it should bring up your review link, as shown below.You can select the link to copy it or you can directly email it to someone or share the link on the available social media icons.

That’s it! We hope this helps and if you have any questions regarding this, website, SEO or Google related, please give us a call. this information is valid as of February 2020 and Google does change things frequently. Reach out to us if things change and we will gladly post updated information.

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