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Sprucing Up Your Old Site

If it’s been a while since you created your website, or updated it, you need to think about refreshing it to keep your initial investment. When a site stays dormant for a long time the search engines may start to ignore it over time concluding that it is an abandoned site – even if you renew your domain each year! When search engines think your site is dormant they can stop listing your site in search results – yikes!  And we all know what that means…people can’t find you unless they search specifically for your business name – ugh!

Here’s just a few of the things that we do to help clients get back in the game of being found online:

Do a SEO Assessment and Audit: This gives a good snapshot of how well your site is presently meeting the basic structural and functional requirements to rank on search engines. Then it’s important to examine how well your site is performing on all the critical SEO markers that profoundly affect ranking performance. With the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your website identified they can then be fixed so that you can begin to rank better in search results. Get Indexed with Search Engines: To fast track getting indexed (or found) by search engines you need to submit your XML index. It’s like giving Google a table of contents for your website so that it knows what your site is about and the location of all the topics you discuss on your site.  That way none of your topics, keywords, products get missed because the search engines didn’t know it was there! Add New Content: Have your products, services or team members changed since you last updated? Why not tell people about it?  Or add a blog or vlog (video blog) to your site where you share information or thoughts that would interest your target audience and bring them to you site and your business. The site engines rank sites higher when they regularly have fresh, quality material. Seem like too much work?  Our talented team of designers and writers can help you draw in new visitors with fresh content. Make Sure All Your Images are Helping You: Images are a great way to draw and retain visitors to your site.  Make sure your images are working for you and not against you. We can tell you if your images are helping your search rankings or slowing down your site… and we all know that visitors will leave in a blink if your site loads slowly! Freshen Up Your Look: A little ‘site-lift’ can give your site a fresh look to reinvigorate your visitors, but be careful to not go too far and alienate loyal visitors.  Drastic design changes have caused many sites, even the big ones, to lose loyal customers when they have made changes that frustrated users. Start a dialogue:  Can customers or visitors leave comments or questions on your site?  People like to be heard and comments, email forms and social media are great ways for your customers to speak directly to you, and it’s also a great way for you to speak to your audience.  What better way to form a connection with customers than by talking with them via your website? These are just a few ideas to help you kick start your creativity.  If you need more inspiration please get in touch and we can explore more ideas with you! Mb2 Online – Your Online Optimizers! Email: info@mb2online.com Phone: (289) 404-1930

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