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Site Expansion Requires a Plan to be Done Right

Usually site expansions result from one of three triggers: 1) organic directional growth, 2) competition or 3) a lack of vision.  The success of these expansions depend on how strategically an expansion is planned and executed. Often the organic growth is the smoothest transition because the pressure comes from repeated ‘nudges’ from your existing audience inquiring: “Do you have this? No? Oh it would be so great if you did because then I could get all the stuff from you!”

Organic growth can often show you the way forward…

If you are receiving this sort of expansion nudging from your visitors (whether or not they are customers) take note.  Feedback trends are not to be ignored.  People know what they want and they know who they like dealing with so, if you can put those two realities together via your web site then huzzah! When you listen closely and track all your feedback data then you will begin to craft a pretty clear picture of where you should take your site and how.  Visitor feedback is GOLD!  They will tell you what they like about your site, your service levels, the structure of your site, your products/services, along with what they don’t like – so pay attention!

Competition can be an attractive but deceptive motivator…

Expansions that are triggered by competition often are not that smooth or effective because there is a pressure to compete or die!  While this feeling is understandable it is important not to let a sense of urgency set the agenda. Expansions take time and money. If you haven’t figured out precisely the threat level of your competition – do nothing! You must first dissect the threat from all sides and determine if you can truly compete on the same field.  Many times the answer is no. However, that does’t mean the game is over, it just means you have to find a less direct entry point that will let you take back a few yards via your core strengths.  If you rush onto the field and flail around you will waste time, energy, money and worst of all – you may potentially lose loyal visitors because your haste to compete ultimately violated your core strengths. 

Feelings should be taken with a grain of salt and a good dose of time…

The feeling that you need to expand but do not have a a reason why is probably the most costly type of expansion.  Your website is your business tool, and as such it should be operated under the fundamental principles of good business. Your expansion should make sense.  You should be able to write up a business plan that supports the move and the costs. Determine your ROI – does the projected return from this change have the ability to pay for this change and deliver a profit?  If you can’t say yes, then do nothing.  You don’t need to change just to change. Change should always deliver value on some level – if it doesn’t then walk away.

With the everyday demands of running your own business it is often difficult to get a clear and unbiased opinion of a situation.  If you think that you need to expand or change your site and would like another pair of ears to listen and provide feedback to help clarify your thinking we always welcome a good cup of coffee and a chat – give us a shout and we can set something up!

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