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Are you the Master of your Domain?

While this might be a funny episode on Seinfeld, it’s no laughing matter when it comes to either your website domain or other areas of your online profile. If you are not the admin on every part of your online business, you run the risk of being locked out with no access or having to pay for things a second time. Here is a quick checklist to make sure you are the admin/owner of your business.

✅ Website Domain
✅ Hosting of your Website
✅ Website Admin, Theme and Plugins

✅ Website Admin email
✅ Social media
✅ Other online login info

1) Website Domain

Do you own your own domain name? To make sure select one of these domain checkers and see who is registered at the Registrant Name:

Tucows Domain Checker


Who Is

Below is an example of the Tucows search results for Mb2online’s who is search, with the results blurred out. This info can be found easily by anyone searching up any domain, if the owner has allowed it to be published publicly

2) Hosting of your Website

Do you have access to your Website Hosting? This is where your website is physically being held. Your website takes up space and a hosting company will provide you with room you need to host your website. Common hosting companies you might use inlcude GoDaddy or BlueHost or perhaps you use another hosting service. Make sure that you have the login information for your hosting company.

3)  Website Admin, Themes and Plugins

How that you have confirmed you have the information for your domain and hosting, now let’s look at your actual website. You will want to make sure that you have your website login info and that you are an administrator on your website. Even if someone else is working on your website, you need to be the admin. For WordPress Designed website, you will also want to make sure that all themes and plugins are purchased under your name, if possible. If someone is designing or has designed your website, this is a great conversation to have with them.

4) Website Admin email

WordPress has a default admin email and other programs should have one too. It’s used to send important email notifications, informs you when a new user account has been created and it is used to recover lost passwords. For WordPress login to the dashboard, select “Settings” on the left column and check that the “Administration Email Address” is set to the email you want.

5) Social Media

Are you the admin or have the login info for any of your social media profiles, including your business pages?


Much like WordPress, you can add admins to your Facebook page. On your business page, go to “settings” at the top right and then on the left column select “Page Roles”. From here you can edit or add the roles required for your Facebook page. If you want to add someone, they need to either like your page or be Facebook friends with you. Also, you don’t need to add them as an admin, pick the role that gives them the access they need and nothing more.

Instagram and Other Social Media Accounts

Instagram you will need a business Instagram account and then you can add roles much like Facebook. Other social media accounts vary on adding admins or other users, so check with each type to see their requirements. As mentioned under Facebook, give other users just the role they need, you don’t need to add people as an admin every time.

6) Other Online Login Info

It’s a good practice to think about any of your online accounts and what is the login info and who else has access. Who else are admins? Who has passwords? Staying on top of it now will save you many headaches later, when you are stressed and pressed for time.


Staying on top of your online business profile is crucial if you want to be in control of your company. Your online profile IS your company in today’s online world. It’s a lot easier to record and change this information now, instead of waiting until there is an online crisis.

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